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A Brief Introduction to Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

In the year of 1964, Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineerin g ( is named Proceedings of the CSEE for short) was started its publication. It is a nation-level journal and an authoritatively academic journal in the sphere of electrical engineering, being distributed home and abroad. The journal is administered by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), sponsored by the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (society established in 1934) and undertaken by China Electric Power Research Institute for edit and publication. Proceedings of the CSEE mainly reports the new development in theoretics, method, technique and new achievements in the area of power system and automation, power generation and power engineering, electric machinery & theoretical electrotechonlogy , high voltage engineering and power transmission and distribution, communication and electricity market. Its main readers are including researchers and engineers in the fields of power system and electrical equipment manufacture as well as the teachers and students in universities and colleges.
Proceedings of the CSEE is the core journal of many principal retrieval systems such as Engineering Index (EI), Scientific Abstracts (SA), Abstract Journal (AJ), Zentralblatt Math (ZM) as well as other related databases, thus Proceedings of the CSEE is an influential journal home and abroad. .
Proceedings of the CSEE is being awarded within top 100 outstanding Academic Journals of China for six years, as well as the top one in domestic periodical journals in power engineering and electric power engineering. During 2006 to 2009, it is recognized as one of the perfect periodicals by CAST for four successive times. And in 2005, it received the National Award for 100 Kinds of Key Journals.
In 2007 and 2008, there are respectively one and two papers from Proceedings of the CSEE selected as One Hundred Excellent Chinese Academic Papers with the Most Influence. During 2003 to 2008, the numbers of papers from Proceedings of the CSEE awarded the excellent academic theses in the periodicals of CAST are as follows: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 6. Among the six wining papers in 2008, one got the first prize, two the second prize, and three the third prize.
Rankings of indices of Proceedings of the CSEE increase year by year, and its influence power is improving constantly. According to the Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports 2008, Proceedings of the CSEE is in the first place for the Total Cites among the domestic 6000 technological Journals. It has been the fifth time that Proceedings of the CSEE won this honor since 2004
        Successive Chief Editors:
Lu Kunyu (1964 — 1966), Xu Shigao (1981 — 1983), Xu Shiheng (1984 — 1992), Zheng Jianchao (1993 — 2011), Zhang Wentao(2012 — 2016), Tang Yong(2017 to present),
Successive Editorial Directors:
Li Xuzeng (1981 — 1984), Ren Shu (1985 — 1995), Shi Minqiang (1995 — 1998), Zha Renbai (1998 — 2000), Chen Shuyong (2001— 2011), Han Lei (2011— )
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