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Proceeding of the CSEE  2011, Vol. 31 Issue (9): 126-132    DOI:
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Fixed-point Harmonic-balanced Finite Element Method and DC-biasing Magnetizing Characteristics of Laminated Core
ZHAO Xiaojun1, LI Lin1, CHENG Zhiguang2, LU Junwei3, LU Tiebing1
1. School of Electric and Electronic Engineering, North China Electric Power University
2. Baoding Tianwei Group Co. Ltd.
3. Griffith University
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The asymmetry of DC-biasing magnetizing curves leads to the discontinuity of magnetic reluctivity in traditional harmonic-balanced finite element method (HBFEM). Based on the B-H-M magnetic constitutive relation, the fixed-point technique divides the magnetic intensity into linear and nonlinear parts and overcomes the computational problem of discontinued magnetic reluctivity. The HBFEM combined with fixed-point technique was applied to calculate the magnetic field on the basis of DC-biasing magnetizing curve, considering the electromagnetic coupling. The value of fixed-point reluctivity was selected properly in the iterative computation aiming at fast convergence of the harmonic solutions. Finite element analysis of the laminated core model (LCM) was performed based on the DC-biasing magnetizing curve and the counterpart without DC bias respectively. The calculated results demonstrate that the variation of magnetizing characteristic of ferromagnetic material due to DC bias may affect the magnetizing current and magnetic field.

Key words:  DC bias      fixed-point technique      harmonic- balanced      laminated core model (LCM)      magnetizing curve     
Received:  26 August 2010      Published:  01 April 2011
ZTFLH:  TM 14  

Project Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (50677016); Project Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (E2006000772).

Corresponding Authors:  ZHAO Xiaojun     E-mail:

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ZHAO Xiaojun LI Lin CHENG Zhiguang LU Junwei LU Tiebing. Fixed-point Harmonic-balanced Finite Element Method and DC-biasing Magnetizing Characteristics of Laminated Core. Proceeding of the CSEE, 2011, 31(9): 126-132.

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